Sehun Profile

Real Name : O Sehun(오세훈)
Stage Name : Sehun (세훈)
Nickname : Senshine, Albino
Super Power (Badge) : Wind
Birth Place : Seoul Special City
Date of Birth : 12th April 1994
Nationality : Korean
School : Seoul Arts High School
Height : 181cm
Blood Group : O
Family : Father, Mother, Elder Brother
Position : Dancer, Rapper, Sub-Vocalist, Maknae
Specialties : Dancing, acting
Hobby : Listening Music, Acting, and Dancing
Favorite Music : Hip Hop
Favorite Food : Meat and Sushi
Favorite Color : White and Black
Favorite Number : 3, 5, 7

Favorite Movie : Action Movie

Ideal type : pure likes Choi Ji Woo

Facts :

-Sehun was scouted by a casting agent in the streets when he was twelve, and was successfully cast into S.M. Entertainment in 2008, after going through four auditions in two years

-On Jan 10, 2012, SM revealed the 5th member, Sehun

-Sehun is positioned as Lead Dancer, and becomes in EXO K subgroup

-He officially becomes EXO K’s maknae

-He’s a visual from EXO K

-Sehun is typically a true man, genuine man

-But, he’s also easy to cry, and can’t tell a lie

-Followed by Chinese magazine, Sehun might plunged to acting later

-Sehun was a ulzzang

-Sehun’s nickname is ‘Noona Rich’. Not only because he has a noona, but because he is the maknae of the team.

-Member said :”Sehun is so cute that we can’t punish him. His frivolous side is cute.”

-Sehun: “I don’t think I’m cute,” and I don’t like being called cute. I want to be called cool.”…

-kai says sehun is scary when he pretends to talk to himself and speaks to him informally

-luhan said when he first met sehun, he just tought sehun was like a child and really want to take after him

-sehun never believe in true friends until he met luhan

-luhan once saw sehun naked and he was so horrified he didn’t stop crying for days

-sehun using Iphone 4s

-The other members say that Sehun is the member that’s the worst in memorising dance moves and lyrics.

-Sehun said:
“During the chorus of MAMA, when I move up, I tend to block Chanyeol who’s in the centre. But I always forget about it. So whenever we’re about to perform, he would glare at me.”

-has a lisp but it is probably because of his retainers

-What bothers Sehun is the fact that he doesn’t even think twice

-suho and Sehun are roommates! They look like father and son

-Sehun likes to imitate Chanyeol saying “Baekhyun, Baekhyun

Fan Accounts About Sehun [cr : TheKaisoo]:

–> This is an account from a past SM trainee who was friends with Chanyeol. The first time she met Sehun was when Chanyeol was having a staring contest with him. The second time she met Sehun was when Chanyeol had Sehun in a headlock. Chanyeol introduced Sehun to her and tried to get them to become friends, but everything failed awkwardly because of the weird moments she’d catch the two in. Needless to say, everytime she saw Sehun around, it was when he was with Chanyeol. She ended her account with: “EXO-K fans may be rooting for the KaDi (Kaisoo) and ChanBaek (Baekyeol) pairings, but in reality, it’s probably ‘ChanSe.’”

–> Chanyeol commented on Sehun’s Cyworld, “Why do you have so many girls as friends?” and after, as a message to the girls, he wrote “Sehun’s a scary kid. If you annoy him, he’ll drag you all the way to Chungdamcho basketball court, stuff your head in a basketball hoop, and throw balls at you.” But in reality, Sehun barely had any girls as friends on Cyworld and rather, Chanyeol had a bunch on his own friends list.

–> (copy & pasted from my other post; repeat): As a trainee, there was this girl Sehun liked, but the girl’s boyfriend was a “fighter.” The boyfriend found out that Sehun liked his girlfriend, so he messaged Sehun on Nate-On and cursed him out. Sehun got all scared and called Chanyeol over to the chatroom, and this boyfriend guy was all like “Who the fuck is this kid…” Apparently, the boyfriend had “Chan” in his name too, so Chanyeol said, “Let’s not be like this. We’re both Chan’s~” The boyfriend started cursing at Chanyeol, and Chanyeol got all scared too. So he apologized and left the chatroom.

–> At the COEX fan signing, Sehun’s hands grazed this fan’s hands while giving back the signed CD. The fan gasped loudly on purpose to tease/put Sehun in an awkward spot. Sehun looked up all confused, looked at the fan’s (mock) shocked face, turned red, and laughed awkwardly for a whole minute until the security guard made the fan move on.

–> In elementary school, Sehun’s homeroom teacher was talking about the movie, “The King and the Clown.” He said that Sehun would make a nice Gonggil (Lee Junki’s role in the movie) because he’s the class clown and he’s really pretty like a girl.

–> Sehun, as a grade schooler, also went into the girl’s bathroom because he was curious about the graffiti. He had a friend on look-out and acted like he was filming a one-man spy movie.

–> This is an account from one of Sehun’s friends during middle school. When Sehun was in middle school, his friends wouldn’t believe that Sehun was a SM trainee. One of his friend’s friend was a fan of Shinee so his friend asked for Shinee’s autograph. When Sehun got them a signed CD, they finally believed him. During lunch breaks, Sehun, who was a huge fan of TVXQ, would watch TVXQ’s perfs (and sometimes, Shinee’s) and say, “Aren’t they cool? Aren’t they handsome?”

–> At one fan signing, a fan asked Sehun to attach “-nim” (“-nim” is sort of like a honorific?) to her name. Sehun misheard her and wrote her name as “Mimi.”

–> Either at the end of 2008 or the beginning of 2009, when f(x) was getting ready for their debut, the members had to go on strict diets. It was in the middle of the night when the members of f(x) were really craving kimbap but they weren’t allowed to have late night snacks. They called Sehun over, who was a trainee at the time and told him to order the kimbap for them. (This is common between trainees. The sunbaes order the hubaes to do this and that.) Anyways, Sehun did as he was told, but usually, food delivery is made to the back door of the SM building. That night, the delivery was made to the front door, and so the girls were caught. Turns out when Sehun ordered 5 dinner special sets of kimbap saying it’s all for himself, the manager didn’t believe him and forced it out of him that the girls of f(x) put him up for this.

–> The Korean fans really can’t tell how Sehun’s actual personality is like because he acts so differently all the time at different fan signings. One moment, he’s doing “bbuing-bbuing” and another moment, he’s “coldly” refusing to answer questions fans write on post-its. One moment he’s eye-smiling at a noona fan and another moment, he doesn’t draw a heart for one fan when all the other members did. Below is a pic: (The yellow heart next to Sehun’s autograph was added in by the fan, herself.) Fans just concluded that Sehun’s 4D.

–> t the hi-touch fan event, a fan shouted “Sehun-ah, I love you!” right in his face. Sehun was quiet for a split second and then shouted “Wahhh!” right back at her. He gave her three high-fives in a row, and when she was about to move on to the next member, he grabbed onto one of her fingers and said “Thank you.” The fan couldn’t sleep that night.

–> A fan asked Sehun at a fan signing, “Sehun-ah, do you want to go out with me?” Sehun smiled and replied, “I heard you say that to all the other members too.”

–> Sehun Reaction to a fanboy “He was the first guy in line. His face was sorta long, sorta. BUT HE WAS HANDSOME. Honestly, even when he saw that I was a guy, he wasn’t surprised or anything, and I was emphasizing that I came in place of a friend, but he didn’t really look like he cared. With an expressionless face, he just signed the album”


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